Craft Room Tour

July 4, 2018

Hey there! Today I am taking you along on a tour of my craft room / office to share organization tips and share ideas. I found that I stay most organized with lots of drawers instead of shelves, but finding what works for you is key to creating a happy and organized space. Also, crafting and creating videos has slowly become my job, so I have lots of supplies and invested in a room that keeps me organized and efficient. When I first started crafting, I was down in the basement on a folding table with a few inks and one stamp set, but I absolutely loved it!

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Heat Embossing Tutorial

June 26, 2018

Hey there! Today’s video shares all of the basics of heat embossing and lots of tips and tricks to improve your results. I fell in love with the magic of heat embossing and this week I will share lots of technique videos using embossing powder to create cards.

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