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Crafting With Alcohol Inks

December 1, 2016

Hey there! Today I am excited to show you how to use alcohol inks to create fun, random, and colorful background on your card designs (today we are creating a Christmas card). These are a product that got me started on cardmaking because they give such amazing results on cards that you will never be able to achieve twice.

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Colorful Pattern Stamping + Quick Ink Comparison

November 26, 2016

I was nervous to make today’s card because seeing a small triangle turn into a colorful symmetrical design can be very intimidating! Nevertheless, in today’s video I am excited to show you how to do just that with some quick ink pad comparisons along the way! 🙂

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Interactive Pop-Up Window Card

November 3, 2016

Hey everybody! Today I decided to create yet another interactive card… this time with a window that lifts up and reveals some winter critters. This card is not my usual style, but I decided to embellish it a lot and give it a try!

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Interactive Metallic Water Card

October 24, 2016

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to create an interactive card that has three different colors of metallic liquid sitting behind die cut windows. I have dreaded trying this, but after three tries it finally (sort of) works!

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