Hi there! My name is Simon Hurley and I am a sixteen-year-old cardmaker. 🙂

Ever since I was young I fell in love with the concept of working on a project for a long time and being in awe of the outcome that I would create. I have always loved that art gives you something to do and when you are feeling sick or down it will always take your mind off of any distractions in life.

(first workspace | messy!!!)

Throughout childhood, I had a new project to create every single day! However, I never really found the one thing that I loved and kept switching art forms and quitting what I was good at. When I was about eleven years old I was searching on how to create a handmade card on the internet not knowing what I had been missing without it. Then, came a whole flood of colorful and fun videos from Kristina Werner and Jennifer Mcguire showing how to make stunning handmade cards! Before you knew it I was sucked into the industry and binge watched all of their videos. 🙂

I started on a fold up plastic table with a shelf and decided that I wanted to share all of my projects with the amazing newly found community of loving people, so I started an Instagram to document it all! Before you know it I was challenged to start a blog and YouTube channel too and everything started growing from there.

(first card on inklipse.com)

There has definitely been some dips in the road and a crash here and there, but I’m very happy in the position I am and am excited to keep creating content for you!