Altenew Crisp Inks

Hello there! Let me just start off by saying I LOVE these Altenew Inks…

Now that we have that out of the way, today I am going to show all of the unique ways to use them and a little bit more about them. At the end we will make a card featuring the inks and a little penguin named Billy. (So stay till the end or Billy will be sad)

These inks will for sure be a regular on my channel because of how unique they are and how many techniques they can do! They have four of each color tone which help with color layering and overall card making and matching colors. They also have an oval base which helps give cool effects on cards. Not to mention they are great at stamping even coverage and are amazing for watercolor.

To start off stamp all of your images down and get ready to watercolor! Put all of your ink pads onto a slick surface and go crazy with coloring. It is super simple and trust me these go on to your paper amazing!

To create a background use the round ink pad and smoosh it onto the paper for a super simple background. This is great if you aren’t great at water coloring backgrounds (like me)! Stamp down a simple sentiment and add everything onto your card base.

Billy is proud that you read this far! 🙂

Enjoy the video!