DIY Frozen Summer Treats

Hey Everyone! I realized during the summer that I tend to eat a lot more snacks than in the school year. So, for today’s video I thought up three frozen treats that can be enjoyed in the hot summer sun! All of the snacks are simple to make, they look good, and they taste amazing as well. If I had the chance I would make and enjoy these every day of the summer.

Supplies: Mini Straws, Gummy Bears, Sprite, Dixie Cups, Tinfoil.

Start out by lining your cups on a tray that you can set into your freezer and start adding your gummy bears inside. Add your gummy bears as much as you want depending on how much gummy deliciousness you want mixing around in your popsicle. Next add your sprite almost to the brim of your cups. Do not fill them completely full because the gummy bears grow and may overflow.

Once completed, poke a hole in tinfoil and stick a straw inside the popsicle to hold it in place. Then, stick all of these into the freezer for 5 – 7 hours.

Once frozen, peel off the paper cups and enjoy on a hot summer day!

Supplies: Some of your favorite fruits cut into small pieces, Water, Ice cube molds.

Start by adding your fruits into the ice cube mold with some pieces sticking out to add bright colors. Then, pour water into the cubes until they are completely full. Put the ice cube trays into the freezer for 5 – 7 hours until frozen.

Finally pull them out and let them melt into your drinks to get an amazing fruit water.

Supplies: Pitch Black Mountain Dew (the best soda ever made), Ice, Blender, Cup and Straw.

Start off by pouring your soda and ice into your blender. Add lots of soda because nobody likes a flavorless slushie, trust me. Then blend blend blend until your drink is nice and slushified!

Pour into your cup and enjoy this amazing drink on a nice hot day!

Enjoy the video!


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