DIY Ice Tie Dye

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to be showing you how to tie dye shirts or any fabric using Tulip dyes. These shirts are super bright and fun to create and wear around summertime! This was my first time using tie dye and I have to say the shirts turned out pretty good, however there are a few things I learned along the way that I will share.

To start out roll your t shirts up into tight lollipop shapes and use rubber bands to secure them. Then protect your work surface and lay the shirts down (I like to use the huge garbage bags to protect my surface). Be sure to put plastic gloves on before you dye your shirts so that it doesn’t look like you killed a colorful unicorn! Next add ice on top of your shirts and dye away! Be sure to add colors that will mix well together so you don’t get mud.

Once you have waited 6-8 hours for your dye to set into your fabric (this is the hard part for me, but you can wait trust me just binge watch some good TV shows) you can then wash out the excess dye. Start out with hot water until to water runs clear and then run the shirt under cold water to set the color in. Once they dry you can start to wear them!

Enjoy the video!