Finding Dory | Colored Pencil Drawing

Hey there! Today I am bringing baby Dory, one of my favorite animated characters to life onto a card with a pun. I am going to be coloring Dory in using a variety of Prismacolor pencils to add shading and dimension. Let’s get started! šŸ™‚

I am starting off by creating an outline of baby Dory following an image I found from the movie. This does not have to be perfect and you can add your own personal style to change Dory up. Start off with a really light outline just getting the basic shape because you can fix your mistakes with theĀ colored pencils later.

Then, Start off by using your darkest colored pencils and shading in areasĀ where Dory would have shadows (under her eyes and around her mouth). The fill in the rest with lighter color and highlight the parts the would reflect the light (her nose and above her eyes).

I finished the card off by adding a simple background of seaweed and coloring on the sentiment “sorry I forgot”. I love how this turned out and you can use the creative sentiment for a forgotten birthday or many other occasions.

Enjoy the video!